• Consulting and support
  • Training materials and programs
  • Web content and documentation
  • Basic computer administration
  • Social media setup, ads and posts
  • Graphic designs for print and web
  • Website design and content management
  • SharePoint architecture and development
  • Project planning and management

Computer Administrative Projects

My Virtual Assistant will help you complete computer administrative projects that you are unable to fit into your busy schedule. No time for typing? We can help you with professional letters, presentations, spreadsheets, step-by-step instructions and technical documents. What about managing your email? Do you need help organizing your inbox, making task lists, or how about creating email distribution lists? Maybe you have a list of calls to make or a schedule to manage. Let us help you get on top of the mountain of work.

Graphics Design and Marketing Materials

Are you starting a business or revamping an old one? Do you need a brand with marketing materials for success? My Virtual Assistant will work with you to create a logo design and help you choose color and styles for marketing materials and websites to come up with your own brand. We can design and create whatever you need in the way of brochures, business cards, letterhead, newsletters, signs, and graphics elements for your website and social media spaces on the Internet.

Project Planning and Management

My Virtual Assistant will take on and help you manage project tasks from beginning to end. Good project management begins with what, clarification and documentation. Then research and planning tell the how and when. Getting it all finished within a reasonable time frame happens with periodic communication, wise task staging, prioritization and periodic reviews.

Training Materials and Programs

For any training that we do, My Virtual Assistant will create the appropriate documentation for you to use going forward. If you need assistance learning how to use a particular tool or want steps documented to help employees be more productive, we will give you final documentation to use and update as change requires. Beyond user documentation, we can help you on an hourly basis with step by step videos and online training presentations. Training is the key to future business success so don’t skip this important step.

Website Design and Content Management

My Virtual Assistant will help you with maintenance on an existing site or in creating and maintaining a new website. We will be there for the entire process from determining what is right for you, designing a brand, formatting content, and migrating data from an old site to the new one. You will be given choices with cost estimates and will play a key role in what gets done. And finally, our goal is empowerment, we will give you training and documentation to help you maintain your site.