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My Virtual Asssitant Kim Cote

My name is Kim Cote and I started My Virtual Assistant in 2015 after working in the Information Technology industry for 20 years.  I love what I do and where I live, but I don’t love the stress, danger and cost of commuting to work in the city when we have the technology to do quality remote assistant work from home.  After years of juggling to balance work and family, I decided it was time to gradually cut out the commute and share my knowledge and skills as a virtual assistant.  I offer a virtual treasure trove of experience, creativity, tech savvy, and project management skills to benefit nonprofits, individuals and businesses.

I learned my best skills while working with Intel Corporation.  Before graduation, I worked on a team that supported Intel microprocessor and components engineering.  After that, I managed my senior project team in developing an application for the Intel Test Facility.  Upon graduation, I was hired by the Intel Messaging System Engineering group where we implemented two different email systems worldwide.  These projects involved worldwide deployment including international coordination of testing, training, and implementation.  I had a great time developing a training program which I personally delivered to support staff, in a yearlong tour, to Intel sites in the United States, Israel, Hong Kong and Europe.

Eventually, I moved on to web development and supported IIS web farms with applications driven by SQL databases.  I was responsible for developing and managing the application landing process for moving web applications to our server farm in a seamless way.  These projects were instrumental in providing stable systems and ensuring that the customer perception of our work was positive.  As always, the key with any development project is to research and choose the appropriate, supportable solution, and plan for maintenance, governance, roll out, training, and documentation.

I moved on to SharePoint administration, development, and the Microsoft 365 platform.  I have built and supported multiple SharePoint on premise farms, and assisted many organizations with web site design, development, training, and roll out.  Lately, I have been working on the development, install, and customization of SharePoint online applications with Office 365.  I not only manage projects, but also the development resources, and the development operations. I participate in the design, development, and testing of web applications, web parts, Flows, and Power BI dashboards.

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