My Virtual Assistant will consult with you and negotiate bulk rates for first time projects to get a brand new system in place. These package deals will result in savings over the hourly billing if the project tasks are within the normal sequence of steps. We provide project estimates with a reasonably detailed task break down to help you understand the value of the work verses product. Resolving existing system problems and custom work beyond the norm are billed at standard hourly rates.

The Full Monty – Website Design and Implementation


  1. WordPress site with up to 8 pages of content
  2. 1 hour weekly phone conference during project
  3. 6 hours maintenance support to be used in the two months after end of project

If establishing ISP services and custom work beyond the norm will be billed at the standard hourly rate for web design and maintenance.

A New Face – Marketing Materials Package

Includes pdf and adobe files for the following:

  1. Logo, colors, fonts, look and feel branding choices
  2. Pick four of the following items for this package: advertisement, business card, brochure, coupon, flyer, letterhead, newsletter, sign, web elements for one web page .

Extra work will be billed at the going hourly rate for graphic design.

Empowerment - Documentation and Training


  1. Usability review of one application with four to six user operations
  2. Training presentation and three hours training or one training video
  3. One quick reference page and user documentation for the above

Extra materials will be billed at the standard hourly rate for technical documentation.

Ongoing Support

My Virtual Assistant will be available with reasonable notice during a calendar month or specified months to provide ongoing support for systems implemented by us at a negotiated rate that will result in an overall savings over hourly billing. This kind of support includes technical such as web and project management, as well as business success work like schedule management, customer relations database management, letter writing, social media management, web content updates and customer phone calls.


  1. One regular weekly meeting
  2. Specified number of hours per week spent on designated projects

Extra time will be billed at the standard hourly rate for remote support.